I am the Founder & CEO at I Love Fashion Retail, and Co-Founder at Farmsnation.

I am currently living in Mohali with my mother Neelam Rastogi, my wonderful & beautiful wife Charu, and two amazing kids – Parth & Nitara. I am a reader, learner and writer. I write about what I learn here on my blog, my mistakes, the weaknesses I am trying to overcome, and the resources that are helping me achieve my goals. I am especially interested in reading and writing about topics related to living a happy, substantive life.

I also strive to use this blog as my public journal and place where I interview people who inspire me. Occasionally I also share my monologues about things that matter to me and things I believe might spark your imagination.

Two beauties who brighten my day every second – Mom and Charu. Charu is a classical Odissi dancer and mum just retired from running her own beauty salon. This by the way is my favorite picture of these two.

Born in 1982, I spent most of my childhood in a city known as Rampur, Utter Pradesh with my elder sister Swati, mom Neelam Rastogi, and dad – Rajendra Rastogi. Yes, the same Rampur that is famous for its rich Nawab culture, Rampuri Knives, and Scotch.

My childhood days – Swati didi, me and my cousin sister Pinky

As a kid, the biggest influence on me was my dad and my grandfather – Radhey Shyam Rastogi, popularly known in Rampur those days as Lala ji.

Even though we’re goldsmiths and have been in the jewelry business for 3+ generations, I wanted to become a scientist (too many science fiction movies, I guess). Later I changed my mind to wanting to become an engineer, then settled down to the idea of running my family business – my dad’s jewelry store. I a firm believer in the right to changing your mind. I believe it should be added to our Fundamental rights.

But then I had to abort the plan and leave Rampur in 2004 after losing my dad and sister in a series of life-changing incidents, or rather accidents. God’s plan!

My career
My career in technology started in 2007 when I got a job in a local IT company in Chandigarh. After gaining 6 years of experience in Sales, Digital Marketing and Ecommerce, I started my own agency by the name of I Love Fashion Retail in 2013.

In the process, I wrote some good articles about ecommerce and Fashion which got me featured by the likes of Forbes, BigCommerce, SmashingMagazine, Yourstory, FIT, Missouri State University, Moz, Riskified, just to name a few. Because of my content, my agency I Love Fashion Retail attracted fortune 500 brands (including Swaroski, Farfetch), big designers. With a small team, I also generated some great marketing case studies as I helped my ecommerce clients grow their sales using my expertise in Fashion & Ecommerce.

This background is handmade with the magazine cuttings and hand-painted I Love Fashion Retail. I used it for my video calls and video recordings.

Parallel to running my agency, I also share my experience running my agency on my Youtube blog and online course – Agency School.

My favorite failure and mistake
In 2019, I made the worst bet of my life – as I partnered with a local company owned by my previous boss, who hijacked my domain ilovefashionretail.com, my emails, data, and all the hundreds of articles I wrote in a span of 6 years. After a few failed attempts to get my domain back, I decided to continue running my business using the same name on a new domain – www.ilovefashionretail.co I know –  it’s not ideal and it still hurts 🙄

Important lessons learned though – judge a person by his actions, not his words.

What I am working on now
Besides running I Love Fashion Retail on a different domain and servicing ecommerce clients, I am working on my other start-up baby – Farmsnation.com. We help farmers find customers in their area and vice versa. Our mission is to create the much-needed transparency between farmers and customers so that as a consumer, we know where our food is coming from and how it’s grown.

Please email me anytime at pulkit[at]ilovefashionretail.co or find me on Instagram.

Thank you so much for reading 🙂