Pancham Prashar: One of the Nicest People I know talks about Running an Agency, Finding and keeping Premium Clients, Living a Better Life and more

My guest for today’s episode is Pancham Prashar @Pancham_Prashar  Pancham is one of the co-founders at Cueblocks, a one of its kind technology and marketing agency based in Chandigarh. If you’re an agency owner and looking for ideas to grow your digital marketing or technology agency, I highly recommend you listen to this conversation and also check out to get a sense of how this agency is different from all the stereotypical agencies and IT companies you might have seen.

I had the opportunity to work with Pancham closely for close to 2 years and it was a life-changing experience. When I thought of starting a podcast, Pancham was right up there on the list of the people I would like to interview. 

The biggest lesson I learned from him is that one doesn’t have to be an asshole to do well in life and neither I have to outsmart people to make a good living. I can be honest, ethical, and kind, and still do well for myself. 

If I rewind the clock – Meeting Pancham was just what the doctor would have advised me to help me fix many broken areas of my life. He is genuinely one of the nicest, and kindest people I know. It’s very hard to meet him and not be charmed by his simplicity and intellect.

Pancham is a vegan and total health nerd. I have run many half marathons with him – something I hope to cover in my future conversations. 

In this part 1 of our discussion, we speak about many wide-ranging topics including how he positioned Cueblocks with his two business partners to charge a high hourly rate of $60 per hour (which btw is at least twice as compared to companies in India), how to build a lasting relationship with clients, what his framework for good decision making, how one can deal with an insult, how he built such a strong company culture, and many other ideas that can help you grow your business and live a happier life.

Without further ado, please dive into my conversation with none other than Pancham Prashar. I hope you enjoy it.

The visually inclined can watch our exchange on YouTube.