How to Grow your Agency and use the Process to Become a Better Person: Pancham Prashar

Starting and running a digital marketing or technology agency can be hard. You have to find clients, build a team, then build a positive work culture, systems and processes to ensure the machine works as expected to make money. And then you have to also stay ahead of the learning curve. Even if you manage to do everything thing, it’s common to see agency owners paying the price with added stress, sleep deprivation, and anxiety.

In this round 2 of my discussion with Pancham Prashar, you will be reminded how your personal growth contributes to your agency growth and how both things have to go hand-in-hand. Pancham and I take a deep dive into aspects such as the importance of running your agency without losing your mind.  We talk about important yet rarely discussed sides of agency business, including – finding good business partners, how to make business partnerships work, how to be more authentic in your sales calls, the books that had the biggest impact on Pancham’s life, and a lot more.

I highly recommend that you also check the Round 1 of my discussion with Pancham here. Have questions? Leave them in the comment section below.