Chhavi Firani – Running an Agency, Finding Clients, Building Meaning Relationships, Time Management and more

I chose Chhavi Firani to be my guest on my first ever podcast. So who is Chhavi? Chhavi runs a Software Development company by the name of Dikonia which she started not long ago. Her company builds software, apps, and custom web applications for businesses around the world, and was profitable since day one. She is a top seller on Upwork. Long story short – she has done many things that many people I know, including myself struggle with.

So, I wanted to ask her – how does she runs her agency business, how she finds clients, how she is managing her business, her emails and the daily routines that help her become the person she is. 

Despite being so efficient, Chhavi is one of the most relaxed and chilled people I have met in the agency business. Whenever I ask her – “Chhavi, do you have time for this?” She always replies with the same smile on her face – “Yes Pulkit, I always have time”. As a person who is nearly not as relaxed as her and someone who is dealing with at least a dozen monkeys dancing in my brain, it was therapeutic for me to talk to her. And it’s my sincere hope that listening to my conversation with Chhavi helps you put your own monkey mind in check so that you can think more clearly, as you advance towards your own life goals.

Just so that you know – Chhavi used to be my supervisor when I started my career. I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with her, and I couldn’t be more excited to talk to her and relive the good old days of my younger self. 

If you’re in the agency business and make money by finding and servicing clients, you have to and have to listen to this conversation. You will find gems that you may not find anywhere else.

So, get ready to take notes. I am sure that listening to this will help you become a better person, a better manager of things around you, be more present and yes – also grow your own agency business on the way. It was an honor talking to Chhavi. I sincerely hope you dig it.