Chapter 6: Create Proposals and ‘Statement of Work’

In the previous video, I explained how to conduct a sales call and persuade your clients to hire you. As the next step, in this video – I tell you how to seal the deal. I have demonstrated how to approach and create winning marketing proposals & statement of works.


Chapter 5 – Sales Masterclass: Have a Process to Convert Clients on a Call or Meeting

In this masterclass video, I have shared my approach to conducting my sales calls and meetings to sell my digital marketing and technology services.

In this video, learn:
– How to prepare for a sales call?
– Key principles of persuasion
– Different phases of a sales call

Phases of my sales process
Phase 1: Start with a small chat
Phase 2: Set the agenda
Phase 3: Remind them about the problem
Phase 4: Start diagnosis
Phase 5: Cause self-inflicted pain
Phase 6: Use projection
Phase 7: Get commitment
Phase 8: Acknowledge the problem and seek permission
Phase 9: Pitch your offer
Phase 10: Use silence. Let them take the lead now…
Phase 11: Share incentive-based pricing
Phase 12: Get them to say YES or NO

Audio call vs. Video call
In this video, I am saying I DON”T do video calls. This has changed now in 2020. I prefer doing video calls now via. zoom.


Chapter 4 – Create a Sales Process

‘Selling’ is the single most important skill you can acquire and bring some big changes in your life. In this chapter, I will give you an overview of how I approach selling my digital marketing and technology services, and share the sales process of my agency – I Love Fashion Retail. Also, learn how I screen my clients so that I don’t waste my time with the wrong clients.

Here is a link to I Love Fashion Retail’s sample client survey link:


Chapter 3 – Package your Services

Most consultants struggle because they sell unpackaged services to everyone. The high paying clients are not interested in knowing how hard you work, or even what processes you use. They are looking for a solution to their problem. Instead of trying to sell a service or processes, Sell a solution to their problems by creating an offer.

In this video, I tell you how you can create that ultimate offer that your clients can’t refuse. You will use your offer to convert your clients at different touchpoints, such as:

  • Website
  • Email body
  • Email signatures
  • Proposal
  • In your sales calls… Almost in all the touchpoints of your agency or freelance business,

Chapter 2 – Research Target Audience

After you know your niche’s problems and the services you’re going to offer them….it’s now time that you define your target audience. In this video, we will create customer personas, and start the process of researching your ideal client using the persona document to know their problems, needs, desires and what keeps them up at night so that you can start contacting them.

You can watch other chapters for FREE here:

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Chapter 1 – Position yourself as an Expert

Part 1
In this training, you will learn how to position yourself as an expert and charge a premium for your freelance or agency services.

Part 2
After you know your niche’s problems and the services you’re going to offer them….it’s now time that you define your target audience. To be specific, learn about the problems, needs & desires of your niche, so that you can create an offer that moves them, makes them buy and connect with them at an emotional level. Furthermore, I also help you pick 3 services you can offer to solve the burning problems of your target audience.

Exercise 1
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This is the first video of the Agency School training program in which I give you an overview of the program and set the rules to make the program more effective for you.