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Welcome to the Agency School – a resource for freelancers and agency owners to learn how to find and work with high-value clients both locally and internationally. With this training, I have shared the things I’ve learned while running my agency – I Love Fashion Retail, that you can use to find and work with high-value clients both locally and internationally.

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How to use this training (8:37 mins)

Chapter 1 – Positioning (25:20 + 28:26 mins)
Chapter 2 – Research Target Audience (34:27 mins)
Chapter 3 – Package your Services (16:58 mins)

Sales Masterclass
Chapter 4 – Sales Warm-up (48:53 mins)
Chapter 5 – How to Conduct a Sales call? (110:24 mins)
Chapter 6 – How to close the deal? (26:12 mins)

Build your website
Chapter 7 – Build Your Website (78:35 mins)
Chapter 8 – Start Building your email list (64:37 mins)

Start outreaching Clients
Chapter 9 – Start Cold Outreach emails (32:13 mins)

Blogging Masterclass
Chapter 10 – Start blogging to generate business leads (145:12 mins)

Project Communication
Chapter 11 – Project Communication – Part 1 & 2 (9:46 & 54:53 mins)

Cold Calling
Chapter 12: Start Cold Calling Clients (40:05 & 32:11 mins)

Bonus Chapters
Chapter 13 – How to pitch your services when you don’t have a portfolio – Part 1 & 2 (41:37 & 32:37 mins)
Chapter 14 – How to Pick Skills and Convert them into Services (25:08 mins)
Chapter 15 – How to price your services (36:16 mins)

I built my Agency I Love Fashion Retail using the principles in these videos. It combines all the tools teams need to get work done in a single, streamlined package. With these videos, you should know what to do, where things stand, and where to find things you need.


Chapter 15 – How to price your services

When you’re new to freelancing, it’s confusing for you to price your services. With this video, I share my pricing strategy as an agency and also how I used to price my services when I started.


Chapter 14: Pick Skills and Convert them into High-paying Services

I get contacted by so many students who are starting new, and have many skills but don’t know which of these skills they can convert into service and charge for it. I get it, it can be confusing when you’re starting new.

So, the objective of this video is to help you pick the freelance services you can provide to clients, and also develop the necessary mindset to deliver the services.


Chapter 13 – Create Portfolio

With this video, I want to tackle one of the biggest roadblocks in front of agencies and freelancers stopping them from getting started – “what if they ask for my portfolio; I don’t have any sample work to show them”.

Well, it’s true that clients do often ask you to show your sample work (note that I said often and not always), and you should be prepared to overcome the objection.

So, in this video, I show you how you can actually invent your portfolio by using one or all the below strategies:
– you can borrow portfolio from other freelancers
– you can invent a portfolio
– you can cover-up

Part 1:


Part 2:


Chapter 12: Start Cold Calling Clients

First of all, I am not a cold calling expert, but I have enough experience to tell you a few things about picking up the phone and calling potential clients to pitch them my services or partnerships. More than cold calling, I will teach you how to move out of your shell especially if you’re an introvert to pitch yourself with confidence without being apologetic.

Cold calling is especially an important channel when you’re starting new without any network or website to generate leads.

Part 1

Part 2


Chapter 11: Get on top of your Client Communication

Your clients judge you from your communication and management. Poor communication means you lose your clients quickly doesn’t matter how good your skills are. So, with this video, I want to help you get on top of your email communication and use a project management tool like basecamp (FREE now) to stay on top of project management and communication so that nothing slips through the crack.

In this training, you will learn:
– Principles of good communication
– How to write business emails like a professional?
– How to manage your project on basecamp

Part 1

Part 2


Chapter 10: Start blogging to generate business leads

Think you can’t write? Well, I am about to change that. With this masterclass, I will teach you how to not only write but also use your writing skills to generate leads.

Things covered in this particular video:
– How to become a blogger, grow your business and earn money? (even if you’re a beginner)
– How to improve your English writing skills?
– How to become a creative writer?
– How to come-up with topics & ideas for writing?
– How to have your own writing process? (I will share mine)
– The essential rules of writing that I wish I knew when I started
– How to write titles that make people read?
– How to publish your articles in top media publications?
– How to stop making grammar mistakes starting from today?
and a lot more…
– How to become a blogger and earn money
– How is Blogging as a career in India


Chapter 9 – Start Reaching out Clients using Emails


What’s the best and most effective and evergreen way to generate leads, especially when you’re new and starting from scratch. My answer would be cold emails. In this video, let me share with you how I find prospects and send them simple manual emails to convert them into a client. I will share my research method, my email template and also my follow-up approach.

Now, I did this video a while back when I used to do everything manually. I still use cold outreach email but with slight automation to save time and make my marketing process more efficient.

Important Principles

  • Manually write each message, avoid copy-paste
  • Keep your first email small and to the point
  • No typos, grammatical mistakes (Use Grammarly chrome plugin)
  • As far as possible address the recipient by name
  • Send it from your own professional email, avoid bulk emailing
  • Only send FB & Linkedin message when you’re connected
  • Don’t overpromise – your email should look realistic
    Say less


Chapter 8: Start Building your Email List

Having an email list of around 8000 subscribers has been the most empowering tool because having an email list allows me to generate leads on will. Whenever I need more business, all I have to do is send an email and I get a flurry of leads. So, in this part of the training, let me show you agencies like mine, use email marketing funnels and simple lead magnets to capture email of a prospect and then convert that prospect into a paying client. It’s simpler and much easier than you might expect if you follow the steps in this training video.

Watch this video to also understand the underlying psychology that marketers use to make visitors take action using emails.


Chapter 7: Create your website to generate Leads

My Agency I Love Fashion Retail attracts huge companies from around the world showing interest in hiring us, including the likes of: Swarovski (needs no introduction), Farfetch (a billion-dollar unicorn), Halens (retail giant in Europe), ISKO (world’s largest denim manufacturer), just to name a few.

Furthermore, my website itself has been cited by Forbes, Moz, Fairchild publications, Bloomsbury, Bigcommerce, Yourstory, again – just to name a few.

How do I do it? This is what I have demonstrated in this video. I show you my website funnel, how I make my clients trust me, what do I write on my home page, so on and so forth.