Chapter 9 – Start Reaching out Clients using Emails


What’s the best and most effective and evergreen way to generate leads, especially when you’re new and starting from scratch. My answer would be cold emails. In this video, let me share with you how I find prospects and send them simple manual emails to convert them into a client. I will share my research method, my email template and also my follow-up approach.

Now, I did this video a while back when I used to do everything manually. I still use cold outreach email but with slight automation to save time and make my marketing process more efficient.

Important Principles

  • Manually write each message, avoid copy-paste
  • Keep your first email small and to the point
  • No typos, grammatical mistakes (Use Grammarly chrome plugin)
  • As far as possible address the recipient by name
  • Send it from your own professional email, avoid bulk emailing
  • Only send FB & Linkedin message when you’re connected
  • Don’t overpromise – your email should look realistic
    Say less