Chapter 5 – Sales Masterclass: Have a Process to Convert Clients on a Call or Meeting

In this masterclass video, I have shared my approach to conducting my sales calls and meetings to sell my digital marketing and technology services.

In this video, learn:
– How to prepare for a sales call?
– Key principles of persuasion
– Different phases of a sales call

Phases of my sales process
Phase 1: Start with a small chat
Phase 2: Set the agenda
Phase 3: Remind them about the problem
Phase 4: Start diagnosis
Phase 5: Cause self-inflicted pain
Phase 6: Use projection
Phase 7: Get commitment
Phase 8: Acknowledge the problem and seek permission
Phase 9: Pitch your offer
Phase 10: Use silence. Let them take the lead now…
Phase 11: Share incentive-based pricing
Phase 12: Get them to say YES or NO

Audio call vs. Video call
In this video, I am saying I DON”T do video calls. This has changed now in 2020. I prefer doing video calls now via. zoom.